Tuition Cost Assistance Programs for Military Personnel – The Educational Perks


Rarely do we realize that military service gives us a lucrative array of educational benefits which you can use both while you’re on your duty and after you leave the service. You need good education for building your career when you’re in your uniform or when you’re not in your uniform. Hence you should make use of those education benefits which you’ve earned just because you had someone serving the US Army. While members are still doing their service, they can get access to an amount up to $4500 in a year in the form of TA (Tuition Assistance) and such benefits are paid to school on the basis of a class. Service members can even receive the benefits of GI bill but this not always a good idea, especially when you’re on duty.

Summary of Education Benefits – The Perks of Being a Veteran

Name of Program: Tuition Assistance

What is it: As the name suggests, tuition assistance is nothing but a military benefit which pays off the costs of tuition and some other fees as well.

Who is eligible: All military service members are eligible for this benefit but the criteria for eligibility are decided by every service branch.

Benefits: Tuition Assistance covers up to 100% of active duty tuition costs and fees which shouldn’t exceed $250 @ semester credit hour, $166 @ Quarter credit hour and $4500 @ every financial year.


Name of Program: Tuition Assistance Top Up Program

What is it: This is yet another benefit which intends to supplement all other tuition assistance schemes.

Who is eligible: In order to be eligible for this benefit, the person needs to be approved for Federal Tuition Assistance by some military department and he should also be eligible for GI Bill benefits.

Benefits: The amount of benefit that a person can receive is limited to the amount which a person may receive for a similar course if regular GI Bill benefits were also being paid to him.


Name of Program: Federal Student Aid

What is it: The Federal government offers students loans at low interest rates and grants to help them finance the cost of going back to school and college.

Who is eligible: Virtually, it seems that all citizens are eligible for this benefit but the program is actually based on needs and hence income limits may be seen while applying for this grant.


The grants and loans are capped every fiscal year and depend on your personal financial circumstances.


Name of Program: Scholarships

What is it: Scholarships may come to you in the form of direct cash, vouchers, tuition payments and waivers.

Who is eligible: Each scholarship program will have its own set of eligibility criteria.

Benefits: Scholarships may range from as little as $50 as book vouchers to full free rides for tuition, room for tuition and board.

Therefore, if you’re looking for increasing your knowledge on military tuition assistance programs, you may take into account the above mentioned programs and their benefits. Make sure you compare and contrast each of them before making a decision.


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